After a first successful launch in Paris, Vinted Go is rolling out its lockers for Vinted members in Lille, Lyon and Marseille in 2023

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Paris, Wednesday 14 December 2022 - Following the successful launch of its first lockers in the Paris region, Vinted Go has announced the deployment of this service in Lille, Lyon, Marseille and their agglomerations during 2023.


A successful launch based on strategic partners with common values

Last June, Vinted Group announced the launch of Vinted Go, its new shipping brand providing its users in the Paris region with a delivery service that was unprecedented for the platform via lockers deployed in several partner shops. Six months after their launch, this challenge has proved to be a great success:


  • By the end of the year, 100,000 Vinted parcels will be delivered through Vinted Go
  • Vinted Go lockers are already deployed in 200 key points

In order to offer a practical and convenient delivery service, Vinted Go has combined its expertise with that of strategic partners, with whom it shares the desire to provide consumers with the best possible support by encouraging the circular economy and offering them less damaging delivery methods.


The Vinted Go deposit soon available in Lille, Lyon and Marseille 

Building on this first conclusive experience, Vinted Go announces its deployment in 3 new French agglomerations in 2023: Lille and Lyon in spring 2023, followed by Marseille. By expanding to these 3 new regional hubs, Vinted Go aims at reaching a total of more than 2000 operational lockers by the end of 2023. It will then become possible for Vinted members living in one of these three French cities and their agglomerations to also opt for locker-to-locker delivery within their own city or from one city to another, including Paris.


A convenient, practical delivery service, with lower carbon emissions   

The success of the Vinted Go lockers in Paris can be explained by their simple and fast use: placed in the shops, these lockers allow Vinted members to send and receive their products via the platform while shopping. In order to facilitate their experience, it is also possible to print the labels of the packages via the lockers. Delivery per stand-alone locker takes place within 3 to 5 working days.


In addition to being part of their daily routine, the delivery service option allows Vinted members to opt for a delivery solution that generates lower carbon emissions than home deliveries. Indeed, according to independent research, PUDO delivery of Vinted parcels generates approximately 97% less on the last kilometre compared to home delivery, and 42% less on the whole journey between the shop and the pick-up point/lockers. In addition, deliveries within cities are made via electric vehicles.


"Thanks to our dedicated team and various partners, we can offer Vinted members a delivery solution that is fully integrated into their daily lives. After our launch in Paris only six months ago, we are very proud to announce the arrival of Vinted Go lockers in three other major French cities and their agglomerations, as part of our expansion plan in France for 2023. This evolution is rooted in Vinted’s ambition to make second-hand first choice, everywhere, by making second-hand trade easier and more accessible." says Vytautas Aktociatis, Vice President of Vinted Go.