Vinted releases its new campaign, sharing the stories behind second-hand


The new cross-market campaign celebrates the powerful stories behind second-hand clothes and the community


Because every fashion item has a story, a moment, a feeling, and sharing that feeling might be the best way to pass it on to the next owner. Someone’s pre-loved item can transform into someone else’s first, leaving the closet and embarking on a grand new life at a great new price.

Right on time for the New Year, Vinted released on January 2nd its new campaign, which will exceptionally be distributed across several markets and will include up to 6 different stories, portraying items bought or sold on the Vinted app and passed on through different owners, reflecting their first experiences with it. The six creatives First Kiss, First Headstand, First Solo Trip, First Splash, First Job, First Recipe, are all developed around the creative concept of “reversing” the journey of each item from the actual to the previous owner, highlighting the experiences, stories and connection passed on by giving the clothes another life through Vinted. 

With this brand campaign, Vinted wants to encourage and inspire more people to engage with circular fashion - highlighting the strong community standing behind the platform, and the positive impact and stories members initiate. 

On the new creative concept, Emma Sullivan, Creative team Lead at Vinted shares: “From mastering a difficult yoga move to working up the courage to kiss someone, we wanted to celebrate small, but mighty human triumphs - and the clothes that give us the confidence boost to make them happen.

We start from that peak moment and rewind through the story to see where it all started: Vinted."

As a main inspiration and in continuity with the previous TV ads, this campaign focuses on situations and characters that Vinted members can identify with, featuring a diverse group of people.

The TV campaign will be aired starting from the beginning of January in France, Netherlands and Belgium, to then roll out to a few more markets during the summer. The ads will be also adapted for Online Video Advertising and other digital channels, such as social networks, and will be visible in more countries such as the UK, Italy, Czech Republic and Canada. 

In the upcoming weeks, the brand will also be asking its international community to share their valuable experiences with the second-hand fashion items they’re selling, have sold or bought, and have some exciting stories to tell. Spoiler alert: Sharing really is caring!