Vinted launches its first lockers in Paris, in partnership with Franprix and Carrefour

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Paris, June 22nd 2022 - Vinted, Europe’s leading online platform for second-hand clothing and lifestyle items sales between individuals, is launching its first lockers in France, in the Paris region. To do this, the Lithuanian unicorn has partnered with two well-known French brands: Franprix and Carrefour. A strategic partnership rooted in shared goals


Vinted is expanding its company initiative by launching lockers, as part of a new delivery service introduced by the platform for its members. The first lockers will be deployed by the end of June in Paris and its surrounding areas (Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne), and located in several locations of Franprix and Carrefour. Lockers will be easy to identify thanks to their Vinted Go logo - Vinted Group’s new business dedicated to developing convenient, affordable delivery solutions, and to reduce the environmental impact of parcel delivery as a long-term ambition. Based on the learnings from this first step, Vinted's ambition is to extend the lockers across France.

In order to offer a new practical and affordable delivery service, Vinted combines its expertise with that of Franprix and Carrefour, who share the same desire to provide a consumer-focused approach. Thanks to its partnership with the two well-known retailers, Vinted can launch a service to make the delivery of second-hand products easier for those living in the Paris metropolitan area. This new service also aims at reducing the impact of C2C last-mile logistics, encouraging more shipping via pick-up and drop-off stations. Shipping to PUDO can result in lower CO2e emissions than in-home deliveries. Franprix and Carrefour have joined Vinted in supporting the circular economy, by providing easy access to the self-service lockers. 

"The deployment of our lockers is a great step in the development of Vinted, and we are proud to be able to partner with brands such as Franprix and Carrefour, who are also striving to drive a positive impact and change. We are equally happy to be able to launch these lockers and this new product in Paris, as France is a key market for Vinted. Vinted’s mission is to make second-hand the first choice; we are convinced that this new service is in line with this logic, and will keep facilitating the exchange of second-hand products between Vinted members", says Vytautas Atkočaitis, Vice President of Vinted Go. 

Lockers: an innovative service for Vinted’s members 

Vinted Go's lockers are a major innovation for the company. Located in the selected Franprix and Carrefour shops, these lockers will allow Vinted marketplace members to drop off and pick up second-hand products while doing their shopping. This new option is also set to be one of the most affordable delivery options for the Vinted community in Paris. 

Delivery to a Vinted Go locker will be one of the options available to members when buying or selling a product from and to locations in Paris on the platform. For ultimate ease, the seller will be able to print the label for their parcel directly via the lockers. Delivery will take place within 3 to 5 working days, using electric vehicles within the Paris area. A text message and an email will be sent to the buyer to inform them that the parcel has arrived. 

Cécile Guillou, Directrice Générale Franprix: "As a company committed to the life of neighborhoods, we strive to answer the big societal topics as well as the smaller challenges of daily life. With the self-service Vinted lockers, we bring a double solution. We encourage the urban population to adopt a more responsible behaviour, in line with the act of buying second-hand, while offering people a time-efficient solution. Our customers will then be able to take their environmentally-friendly process to the end, and even more conveniently pick up their parcels, right at the corner of their street or on their way back home after work." 

Jean-Baptiste Prévoteau, Directeur des Services Marchands chez Carrefour: "Carrefour continues the development of its proximity services to better meet its customers’ expectations, by installing the first Vinted lockers. Carrefour already offers the largest network in France with over 2.500 PUDO points: with the Vinted lockers, we are happy to complete this network with an innovative and easy to use solution for our customers, and partner with a brand deeply committed in the circular economy." 

Vinted, a European platform expert of delivery

As the European leader for C2C online sale of second-hand clothes, Vinted relies on a solid network of logistics partners to help members transact. The platform opts for an approach centered on PUDO points, both for their ease of use, and their lower carbon footprint than home delivery. 

In June 2022, Vinted reshaped its Group structure, putting Vinted Marketplace at the Group's core, and creating Vinted Go, as a dedicated shipping business. By creating an entity dedicated to shipping, Vinted can broaden out its delivery offer and test different long-term solutions, with the aim to ultimately create a better shipping experience.